10 Things To Do Before And After The Super Bowl Game

125th street and 5th avenue in harlemThe Super Bowl is one reason to visit Harlem this weekend. Harlem World Magazine contributors put together a list of 10 things to do before and after in the world’s greatest village.

1. Go on a great sight seeing tour at the historic Apollo Theater on 125th Street.

2. Just go to Harlem in general because it’s the bomb.

3. Take an class at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

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4. Go on a self-guided subway art tour of Harlem.

Harlem_meer5. Take a break and walk on the wild side around the Central Park’s Harlem Meer for spectacular views and fresh air.

6. Buy tickets to see the game live, enjoy an open bar and all you can eat at the Third Annual 1st Down Super Bowl Party at Poet’s Den in East Harlem.

7. Eat Poblano food in the heart of Spanish Harlem, where the cemitas, huge sesame-seed bun sandwiches, are excellent at holes in the wall like San Cristobal on East 108th Street.

8. Take the train ride to The Cloisters, one of the coolest museums in New York City, hidden in Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan. The subway ride to 190th Street doesn’t takes less than 15 minutes from 125th Street.

Studio_Museum_of_Harlem9. Visit the Studio Museum in Harlem and revel in the contemporary masterpieces created right here in Harlem or as far as Hollywood.

10. Stroll through the winding historic streets of Harlem founded in 1658 to take in some of the most beautiful and pristine architecture.

Editor’s Note: Visitors can find more fun activities in all five boroughs by grabbing the free by visiting www.nycgo.com/superbowl (adapted from the source)

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