Adriano Espaillat State of he Union Address

Adriano Espaillat“For the more than 11 million undocumented Americans desperately seeking an end to our country’s broken immigration laws, the President’s declaration that we can trade gridlock for reform during this ‘year of action’ is a powerful signal that he understands the hardship they are experiencing.

President Obama has previously made clear that the progressive way forward includes a path to citizenship that ensures the American Dream is still a possibility for hardworking immigrants in our community. The pursuit of reform without this option will only continue the exploitation and abuse undocumented immigrants currently experience, and perpetuate their second-tier status in the U.S.

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For undocumented immigrants, the daily injustice of our existing system is a chief cause of economic inequality, and limits their social mobility regardless of hard work and determination. With his additional focus on the urgent need for raising the minimum wage for low-income families, and expanding pre-K access, the President has unveiled a 2014 agenda that will have an immediate, tangible impact for Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.”

Adriano Espaillat represents parts of Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, and is Chair of the Senate Latino Conference.

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