manolo blanik shoes for harlem eventsHarlem World Magazine is a lifestyle media company, focused on the intersection between hyper-relevant content and digital innovation. Harlem World Magazine curates editorial content, experiences, shopping and events across multiple platforms including email, mobile, online and offline.

In addition to the eponymous lifestyle title Harlem World Magazine publishes local content in Harlem, reaching more than 2.5million readers annually (local, nationally, and global). Harlem World Magazine targets a top 10 percent of our demo who is affluent, college-educated audience interested in aspirational and connoisseur lifestyles.

Harlem World Magazine curates exclusive high-end experiences for members via Harlem World Magazine Perks, working to offer up e-commerce opportunities unrivaled by other platforms.

Harlem World Magazine’ clients and partners include Halstead, Sony, Emblem Health Care and Harlem Children’s Zone.

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