Sponsored Love

We have a number of Sponsorship options with our Sponsored Love brand platforms:

E-mail Signature

Your e-mail message placed at the bottom of our signature to each out-going message from our main Yahoo.com account (example pictured above for CSMG Capital Services).

sposnored loev e-mails

We send over two hundred e-mails each day to local and international influincers and decision-makers from Harlem Children’s to AOL.com.

E-mail Newsletter Blast

Your 486 x 60 banner is placed at the top center of the weekly HW Week In Review Newsletter:

sposnored love screenn shot of blast1The Newsletter is sent from our main Constant Contact.com account (example pictured below for CSMG Capital Services). Each blast is sent to our 5,000 opt-in e-mails in the Greater Harlem area and posted on our 30,000 weekly eye balls.

Social Networking

sponsred love csmg captial solutions screenshotWe have two Facebook sites in our network. One, is the all things local in Harlem hosted by founder Danny Tisdale at Facebook.com/hwmag (CSMG Capital Solutions campaign pictured). Two, our Harlem History that documents Harlem’s history from 1658 to the present. They have a combined 10,000+ subscribers.

Contributors Love

We have some of the best writers, photographers, designers and more in Harlem. One way to decide which Contributor to sponsor is to look for which Contributor’s are trending on the site with the top views, or a category that is affiliated with your company.

Click here to see our list of contributors (on the left hand column of the front page) as it grows on a weekly basis.

E-mail us regarding Event and Print Sponsorship at harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com.

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