Supporters of Harlem World Magazine’s programs help provide a valuable service to Harlem residents — keeping viewers in touch with local issues, local leaders and the arts community. Supporters receive exposure to over 40,000 Harlemites a households that receive Harlem World Magazine content. Harlem World Magazine offers companies the opportunity to reach targeted Harlem audiences, by underwriting specific shows. Programs are targeted toward general audiences, African-American audiences and much more.

Corporations and local businesses that choose to underwrite Harlem World Magazine programs choose from a host of benefits, depending on the level of support. Possible benefits include:

  • On site mentions with your company logo
  • Appearance by the sponsorship’ expert on the programs
  • Listings in Harlem World Magazine’s quarterly newsletter and in ads placed on the Harlem World Mag site
  • The opportunity to give away product to the Harlem World Magazine viewing audience
  • The opportunity to participate in “HW Lounge” events attended by Harlem stakeholders
  • Personal appearances at the sponsorship’s events by Harlem World Magazine’s on-air Podcast personalities
  • Tailored benefits to meet a particular sponsorship’s needs

Contributor and content sponsorship are not listed.

Harlem World Magazine is a for-profit company founded in 2003. Contact Harlem World Magazine, harlemworldminfo@yahoo.com or (646) 216.8698.

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