Harlem Artists, Apply For Woostock A-I-R Residency Program

air residency in woodstokWith the postmark deadline for this year’s WOODSTOCK A-I-R program at Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) nearly upon us (like this week on Friday, February 28, 2014), we wanted to send a quick post to our visual artists readers regarding the program.

The WOODSTOCK A-I-R program is highly recommended by Harlem World Magazine CEO and Founder Danny Tisdale who performed a residency their back in the day.

Remember the deadline is Friday, February 28th 2014 here’s the link: www.cpw.org/create/artist-residencies/how-to-apply/

#woodstockair and @c_p_w

Center for Photography at Woodstock, 59 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498, 845-679-9957

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