Ask The Next Mayor?

Bill de Blasio Democratic mayoral candidate, New York 2013Hizzoner will face a raft of opportunities and challenges when he takes office in 2014. A budget that’s balanced in name only. Frayed relationships between the police and the communities they serve, especially in the wake of the city’s stop-and-frisk policies. Era-defining contract negotiations with New York City’s public employees. The costly ideal of universal pre-k.

Tell us what you’d say to de Blasio. Which issue should he tackle first and hardest? Who should be on his dream team of advisers? How involved do you think de Blasio’s wife should be in his administration?

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Let us know what you think before the inauguration on Jan. 1 — and we’ll send him your message. Sound off in our comments section below:  you can record or upload up to one minute of video and/or share an image (source).

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