Boy, 8, Says He Was Hurt By Staffer At School In Harlem

CBS reports that an 8-year-old boy says he was injured by someone who works at his school in Upper Manhattan.

The staff member is suspended, but the boy’s mother tells CBS2’s Dave Carlin she’s not satisfied. The fading bruise on her son’s forehead looked much worse Tuesday, after Sharon Faust says Rasheed was roughed up by a staffer inside PS 194 in Harlem.

“He pulled me into the wall and I bumped my head,” Rasheed said. He admits he was fighting with another boy in the cafeteria. A teacher broke it up, then he says a man who may be a so-called crisis counselor stepped in.

Rasheed says he was forcefully pulled down the hall.

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“And then I was struggling and then he blew me into the wall,” he said. “He pulled me back and I got hurt right here.”

Taken to the nurse, he was given an ice pack seen in a photo his mother took.

“I got the call from the nurse that my son got a bump on his head,” Sharon said. “I didn’t get the full story.”

When told a staffer was not only involved, but possibly responsible, she was livid.

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Photo credit: Sharon Faust 


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