Tips For Staying Safe During The Coming Heat Wave In Harlem

mark levine 2By Rep. Mark Levine

With expected temperatures of 95 degrees or higher, the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory from Harlem to Hollis starting this afternoon until 8pm tomorrow. Continue Reading →

A Wind Advisory Is Coming From Harlem To Hollis

The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for New York City for today, May 15th, 2017, until 6:00 PM for sustained winds of 20-25 mph & gusts in excess of 45 mph. Continue Reading →

Harlem To Experience Intermittent Wind Gusts

Harlem, NY is experiencing intermittent wind gusts in excess of 40 MPH. During periods of high winds, residents should use caution when walking or driving high profile vehicles. Continue Reading →

A National Weather Service Wind Advisory From Harlem To Hollis

The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for New York City in effect until 6:00 PM tonight, March 14, 2017. The advisory has been issued for sustained winds of 25-35 mph & gusts up to 50 mph. Continue Reading →

NYC Emergency Management Issues Hazardous Travel Advisory

The New York City Emergency Management Department today issued a hazardous travel advisory from Harlem to Hollis, Queens for Tuesday, March, 14, 2017. Continue Reading →

Blizzard And Storm Watch Could Blanket City In 18 Inches Of Snow In Harlem

The two-or-so inches of snow we got Friday was child’s play compared to the “major winter storm” expected to hit Harlem this coming Monday night, then wreak havoc for at least 24 hours, according to federal weather officials.  Continue Reading →

Harlem Snow Expected After Another Warm Week

Harlem’s Winter Of 2017 is going to strike again this week. Temperatures today could touch 60 degrees before giving way to as much as four inches of snow by the end of the week. Continue Reading →

High Wind Warning From Harlem To Hollis

The National Weather Service has extended the High Wind Warning from Harlem to Hollis through 1:00 PM today. Continue Reading →

Unseasonably Warm Temps Will Approach Record High In Harlem

Harlemites and other New Yorkers will be treated to an unseasonably warm day Friday with rising temperatures through much of the afternoon. Continue Reading →

Saturday Temperature Poised To Break Record From Harlem To Hollis

It’s summer weather from Harlem to Hollis. The high forecasted for today is 58, which will smash the record of 55 in 1954 if surpassed, according to the Almanac. Continue Reading →