Concert for Harlem University’s Morales/Shakur Center

mscsc benefit concert dec 14th flyer

*The name attributed to City College by protesters around the time of the 1969 struggles which resulted in the school’s ‘Open Admissions’ policy, implemented in 1970.

‘No center, no peace!’:

“I think that the CUNY administration is really scared of a lot of the organizing and community-building coming out of the building. We provide so many services for the community — know-your-rights training, a farm share that provides healthy food, we’ve run a soup kitchen, we have provided baby-sitting services for people in the community.” -Alyssia Osorio, Director of the Morales/Shakur Center.

“It’s not only a CUNY-wide thing; it’s happening all over the country,” – People Power Movement member

“The repression at City College and all throughout our campuses is a microcosm of what happens in our communities, where police watchtowers and stop-and-frisk are a common occurence. Such is the situation in Harlem, both on and off the campus.” – Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee.

Come through for food, live art and building uptown this Saturday, starting at 5pm.

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