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Corporate Sponsors subscribe to Harlem World Magazine’s belief that promoting Harlem, the greatest community in the world is a direct route to creating the best Harlem we can.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor, please contact Danny Tisdale, CEO and founder, at

When it comes to our contributors, partners and sponsors, Harlem World is committed to full transparency. Current-year unaudited amounts listed below are updated often and are subject to change.

When Corporate Sponsors who have given $1,000 or more to Harlem World are named in our stories, we disclose them. Contributors who have given $5,000 or more are classified as “major contributors.”


Packages *

Bronze “The Danny Tisdale Show” Podcast

A full suite marketing campaign with Sponsored Guides including a Press Release, Event / Category Sponsored Content, Podcasts, Social Media, E-mail, E-mail Newsletter, Landing Page and 300 x 250 banner ad are in the package. We create a deep connection with the campaign.

  • Digital revenue (on-site and email messaging);
  • Harlem World Cares in-kind (products or services offsetting operating expenses);
  • Harlem World Magazine CEO, Founder and Artist Danny Tisdale talks with Harlem’s Leaders, Legends & Trailblazers on his popular podcast The Danny Tisdale Show.

Price: $4,500

Silver  “Harlem World Talks” with community

The Bronze Package and 728 x 60 banner ad is included. We build focused awareness with our audience through a month-to-month-long campaign to drive targeted engagement and action.

  • Events revenue (sponsorship of ongoing Harlem World Events conversations);
  • Events, in-kind products and services that offset Harlem events expenses and symposia at Harlem World Talks, Harlem World editors, contributors, partners, etc., hosted live talks with Harlem’s Leaders, Legends & Trailblazers at hot spots throughout Harlem.

Price: $9,500

Gold  “The Harlem World Festival” Annual Event

The Silver Package and 300 x 600 banner ad is included. Run your campaign with a month-to-month campaign to create a deep connection through awareness and high engagement.

  • Events, in-kind products and services that offset Harlem events expenses and symposia and the 1st annual Harlem World Festival 2019)

Price: $15,500

* Each package runs 12 months..


Current Corporate Sponsors

Columbia University
Harlem Lofts

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