Eloquentix Moves To Harlem

eloquentixEloquentix, the leading technology outsourcing partner for North Carolina startups, announced today that it is opening an office in New York, New York.  

The office will be the company’s first location dedicated to client management and business development, and will look to expand the client base in NYC.

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“Having fine-tuned our low overhead direct engineer to client consulting solutions, we feel it is unfair for startups up the east coast not to benefit from our expertise,” said Alin Vilcu, Vice President of Eloquentix. “In 2013, we started working with New York based ADAP.TV, and quickly came to the realization that there is fertile ground for us in the north-east. We have seen previously that we can work just as effectively with partners outside of RTP, like Florida based MyStoreCredit and Gradsave.”

The Eloquentix office is in Central Harlem, whose renaissance is accelerating with the future opening of Whole Foods and an expanding Columbia University presence.

“I look forward to devoting our energies to making Eloquentix a part of the tech scene in the city,” said Radu Rosu, CEO of Eloquentix. “The energy is infectious, the people are welcoming and helpful and one just has to look at one graduating class from a team like Blueprint Health to see the quality of the results.”

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