Harlem Club, Lenox Avenue And 123rd Street, Harlem, NY 1890’s

1893 Print Harlem Club Building Lenox Avenue New York ORIGINAL HISTORIC IMAGE

The Harlem Club postcard with the photographer in the street on Lenox Avenue and 123rd Street in Harlem, NY, 1890’s.

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Looking south down the cobblestones on Lenox Avenue towards 122nd Street.

harlem club 123rd street and lenox avnueWonderful architecture with the symmetry of the chimney’s the eye windows on the foord, at the large rounded window throughout – a masterpiece.

6a015434a64eda970c016761750cad970bAuthor Sharifa Rhodes Pitts’ says in her book Harlem Lost And Found that the Club “disband and foreclosure(d) … in 1907. Similarly, the next owners, the Eastman Business College, closed in 1935, rather than forbear black students. Father Divine, operating a Peace Mission Heaven here, welcomed all. The building has been used as a more typical church since 1947.”

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