Harlem Fave Spike Lee Conversation With Quest Love Supreme Pandora Show

This week’s guest on Questlove Supreme is legendary director Spike Lee – this is the second part of Questlove’s extensive interview. Check out the latest episode of Questlove Supreme with Harlem fave Spike Lee only on Pandora here. Check out the pull qoutes below from Questlove’s interview with Spike about his career, his inspiration and more.

On the real message in his iconic film “Jungle Fever”:

The misdirection in “Jungle Fever” was the interracial tension between Anabella Sciorraand Wesley’s character. The real story, which a lot of people miss, is the effect of crack on black families. That’s what “Jungle Fever” is about.

On how he almost didn’t get to direct “Malcolm X”:

…it was announced that Norman Jewison was going to direct the film with Denzel. And I started saying to the press, “Hell, no”…I explained to Norman Jewison why I think that I was the right director for the film. And to his credit, he gracefully bowed. …Denzel was going to play Malcolm X.

On the supposed rift between him and Tyler Perry:

Me and Tyler Perry are cool. I mean, all that stuff was squashed like 4 or 5 years ago. So, I mean, there’s really nothing to dig up. We’re cool, each doing our own thing. We got love for each other and I flew down to Atlanta…Got on a plane, Delta, went to his house, sat down. We talked, we said whatever we discuss we’ll just keep between us…And that’s what happened.

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