Harlem Lung University Discovers Asthma Puts Damper on Love LIfe

AsthmaAsthma not only can be a cumbersome problem to deal with day in and day out, it can also kill a romantic mood.

Research suggests asthma can erode a person’s sex life. Researchers at the Harlem Lung University at Columbia University in west Harlem, NY polled 353 adult asthma patients. Nearly half said asthma caused problems during sex; 34 percent said asthma didn’t interfere with their sex lives, and 19 percent said they were not sexually active.

Older people and folks with lower incomes were more likely to report asthma affecting their sex lives. Researchers don’t understand why the respiratory condition would create problems during sex, but they suggest that the physical exertion of sex may trigger asthma symptoms in some people. Whether hormone fluctuations that can occur during sex would have an effect on asthma has not been studied.

Researchers say the connection between asthma and sex deserves more attention since asthma cases are rising significantly, particularly in urban areas.

For readers who have asthma, have you noticed these problems?

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