Harlem Rappers Who Got Fresh For GQ

diddy-kanyeYes, Kendrick Lamar cleans up rather nicely, but he’s not the first rapper to get jiggy for the camera lens of GQ. But Harlem has the numbers!The term “GQ” has become a universal term for simply looking casket-ready. Hip-Hop’s love affair with high-end fashion started way back in the 80s when rappers such as Dana Dane, Rakim and Slick Rick made flossing for the world to see a cultural phenomenon.

asap-rocky-gqGQ has taken full advantage of the Hip-Hop motto to be fashionably great within the past few years as well. As long as rappers continue to name drop the likes of Versace, Tom Ford and Sean John, their working relationship will be a fruitful one for many more cologne-scented pages.

By the content of their avant-garde raps, you can guess who the usual suspects GQ decided to make poster boys for their cause. However, scattered throughout the list, the most unsuspecting of Harlem rap gods also switched up their style to join the ranks of the handsome and noble.

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Hit the gallery and pick up some free fashion tips, Harlem gents. Ladies, pick out your future “husband.”

Photo: GQ, L. A. Ried, Kanye West, Diddy, ASAP Rocky and Swiss Beatz.


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