Harlem World Cares

Founded in 2013, Harlem World Cares, Inc. is a community-run youth publishing organization, qualifying as a 501(c)(3) not-for profit. Our mission is to support and develop Harlem’s students, publishers and artists between the ages of 13-17 and prepare youth from young underserved communities for professions in the arts, publishing, and education.

As Harlem’s unemployment rate for youth in the 13-17 age brackets is above 25%, Harlem World Cares, Inc.aims to empower youth with transferable technical skills through the following….

Arts: Harlem AIDS Blanket project that has been in collaboration with Columbia University’s IUME, GQ Magazine, Project STAY, the NCAA and many others. The Danny Tisdale for Change Projects have worked with communities across the United States. Last year during the Final Four , Tisdale created a NCAA 2016 Youth for Change Project, creating contests all across the United States from Harlem to Hollywood.

Publishing: Harlem World Cares’ Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (H. Y. P. E.), inspired by Children’s Harlem Zone (HCZ), HYPE teaches Harlem youth digital publishing industry skills (Photography & Video, Graphic Design, Production, Writing and Advertising). HYPE has partnered creating projects with Brooklyn College with the BCAL Spot and a series of projects with Beyond the Bricks, the “Digital Writing Workshops With The I Have a Dream” FoundationGraham Windham Beacon Center school, and Graham Windham HYPE with IUME at Teachers College at Columbia University in Harlem, NY.

Education: Through a series of workshops, youth will learn techniques that will benefit them on college level and well into their careers and other future endeavors. Youth learn how to work independently, how to collaborate and will showcase work in individual and group presentations. Youth will also network with professionals, visit local colleges, and will be presented with internship opportunities at a publishing company and/or partnering college.


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