Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (H.Y.P.E.)

Our Mission

Founded in 2010, Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (H. Y. P. E.), is a community-based youth publishing organization that has worked with thousands of youth in-and-out of Harlem. Our mission is to recruit and train the next generation of journalists between the ages of 13-17. H. Y. P. E., empowers youth with transferable technical skills through the following program.

Our Program

Created in partnership by Danny Tisdale, Tisdale Studio and STEAM/STEM trained, students from Harlem Children’s Zone, and training interns from Student Youth Employment (SYE), guided by program and research Assistant / Project Manager-Nneka R. Ibekwe at Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) at Teachers College at Columbia University.

Student with digital publishing industry skills:

  • Photography / Video
  • Digital Publishing and Design
  • Writing and
  • Advertising

During each program and internships students go through an interview role play, college counseling, and continue an after program consultation with students on an as needed basis with Teachers College at Columbia University in Harlem, NY.

Our Demo

  • Youth 13-17 years of age have an unemployment rate of 45%-65%
  • Teenagers are “stopped and frisked” by the NYPD more than 30-40 times a month
  • 35% of youth are homeless
  • 70% of gun violence involve people of color
  • Girls are 4 times more likely to be affected by the AIDs virus than boys

Our Projects & Partners

The H.Y.P.E. Summer Program is a partnership between Harlem World Magazine and Columbia University, and other partners in-and-outside of Harlem. Students will spend ten weeks with our editorial staff led by Harlem World Magazine’s, Editor-In-Cheif, Eartha Watts-Hicks learning the trade and craft of community journalism year around.

Your donation to Harlem World Cares helps us to continue doing our work: our group devised performances, our annual H.Y.P.E. Summer program, our 15 years of work.

Donate to raise money for the next generation of Harlem journalists!


Call 646.216.8698 or contact us here if you are a non-profit or a for profit to help raise money for HYPE or a Harlem non-profit.