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According to Lenhart et al. (2005), in 2001, 24% of youth age 12-17 used some form of technology and in 2005; the use of technology grew to 87%, imagine the use of technology in 2017.

Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (HYPE) is a Harlem based organization by CEO, Founder of Harlem World Magazine, Daniel Tisdale and Research Assistant/Project Manager-Nneka R. Ibekwe qualifying as a 501c3 not-for profit youth publishing organization designed to support and develop young minority publishers age 13-17 and prepare them for the professional field of publishing and/or higher education. HYPE is a non profit organization of Harlem World (Magazine). HYPE teaches youth the skills of Photography & Video, Graphic Design, Production, Writing and Advertising.

Workshops are taught by professionals in the field and assisted by interns from local colleges. The students will participate in 3-5 hour workshops once a week. Each week will consist of one-hour of instruction, a thirty minute break, and an hour and a half of hands on instructions. The workshops will rotate bi-weekly. At the end of the cycle, the students will come together to develop a project that represents their cohort—this project will be presented at the end of the year gala. The cycle will end with a trip to a local publishing company and a college.

Our Programs:

  • Photography and Video: Youth learn how to express their emotions, thoughts and reactions through photography and video. Youth learn how to use photography and video as a method of communication and expression. Youth learn how to report stories by using creativity and looking beyond the surface. Youth learn how to analyze and critique existing media. Here’s a project withThe I Have a Dream Foundation and  Beyond the Bricks.
  • Graphic Design: Youth learn basic skills in publishing through basic to advance technology workshops. Youth become accustomed to the latest technology tools to design editorial work. Youth learn how to gather photos, videos, and writings to produce content on print and online forms. Youth learn how to analyze and critique existing design material. Here’s a project with Harlem AIDS Blanket and Beyond the Bricks.
  • Production: Youth learn basic to advance skills in video production and print production tools. Youth learn how to analyze and critique existing production material. Here’s a project withThe I Have a Dream Foundation.
  • Advertising: Youth learn professional marketing, sales, and presentation skills. Youth learn how to analyze and critique existing advertisement material. Youth learn how to use the internet for professional social networking. Youth publish and maintain a professional portfolio of advertising work and events. Youth produce sales content that is available to the public. Youth broadcast material online (HYPE site), upload portfolios, create an annual HYPE magazine and advertise. Here’s a project with: Brooklyn College, BCAL Spot.
  • Writing: Youth improve literacy skills and become prepared for academic writing by participating in journalism workshops and creative writing workshops. Youth learn how to create short and precise stories (blogs and Op-ed pieces). Youth learn how to analyze and critique existing written material. Here’s a project with: Graham Windham Beacon Center schoolGraham Windham HYPE.
  • College and Career Preparation: Through several workshops, youth are taught useful techniques that will assist them in a professional career and at the college level. Youth learn how to work independently, in groups and are prepared to make individual and group presentations. Youth network with professionals and visit local colleges. Youth have an opportunity to be part of the internship program the following fall semester at a publishing company or college. Here’s a project with: Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME), at Teachers College at Columbia University.


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