Harlemites Want School Speed Bumps

speed30n-5-webParents in Harlem are asking the city to stop speeding cars on a notorious street that’s in the middle of several schools.

Parents claim the stretch of East 109th Street between Second and Third avenues is like a raceway, even though foot traffic is always heavy.

“I feel like it’s an accident waiting to happen,” said parent Kyle Allen.

“It’s just crazy,” P.S. 182 parent Lourdes Diaz said.

While speaking with CBS 2′s Weijia Jiang an SUV gunned it past a group of children who were walking to class.

“And there goes my point made easily,” Diaz said.

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And it isn’t just parents who are concerned, students have noticed it too.

“It can get crazy because there are a lot of cars speeding or cars double parked,” 8th grader Taylor Allen said

Parents are especially worried because of the large number of students who go to school on the block. There are three schools on the south side of the street and two more on the north side.

Parent groups are collecting petitions to have the city build a speed bump on the street.

One school bus driver came up with his own solution to stop cars from speeding: park at an angle so cars can’t zoom by.

“It’s a one way street, you have to angle the bus for the safety of the kids,” the driver said.

The Department of Transportation is looking at options to reduce speed and increase safety, Jiang reported.

Parents said every day they see many close calls, but last month the NYPD only recorded one accident on the block (source).

Do you think we need speed bumps near Harlem schools?

Speed limit

Speed limit (Photo credits: www.roadtrafficsigns.com)

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