Harlem’s Killa Cam’s Cape For Fashion Week

camron-cape-2The Cam’ron capes are officially here. The Diplomats founder is set to launch his line of capes and shared visuals of the upcoming collection. We tried to warn you.

Last week Killa posted photos of a meeting with menswear designer Mark McNairy and a buzz spread through social media about the rapper walking the runway for New York Fashion Week 2014.

Well the speculation is over as Cam’ron modeled it up in a couple pictures donning several variations of the cape. Every piece is custom, ranging from a tweed shell with a faux fur lining to flannel wool outer with a satin lining.

Camron-Cape-3Each of the selections don the Dipset U.S.A. branding on both the inside and outside. As of now there is no specifics on availability or costs but we hope Cam’ doesn’t use Dame Dash’s DD Poppington pricing model.

The big question is will you be joining Killa Cape Season? Let us know in the comments section (see more here).

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