HW Pick: Minority Independent Producers Summit

mipsmediaThe coming Minority Independent Producers Summit conference is a really important and strong program and support from entities like HBO, SAG-aftra, Black Public Media, and the National Black Programming Consortium.

The Minority Independent Producers Summit is set to induce dialogue and exchange that benefit your community of readers.

We are gearing up for the inaugural launch of the MIPS 3-day program in NYC and we are looking for people who can help us change the conversation in today’s media world.  MIPS’s mission is to increase the diversity of, and advocate for, increased participation by independent producers from under-represented communities, including those of color, LGBT, women and those with disabilities, in the worlds of film, television and digital content. To support indie producers and content providers with data, collaborations and a variety of resources to motivate access and sustainability in story telling and distribution.

Their Advisory Board members include.

If you care, help Harlem World Cares, celebrate, educate and inspire the next generation of Harlem Youth. Thank you.

Some of the MIPS Guest Speakers & Workshop Facilitators include: Damian Benders, SVP SnagFilms; John Hadity, EVP Entertainment Partners Financial Solutions; Jamie Wilkinson, CEO VHXTV; John Quinones, Producer, Actor, Writer, Host of ABC’s Primetime and Good Morning America; Richard Guay, Producer, Founder Passion First Funding Portal; and Jorge Rivera, Producer and Screenwriter, just to name a few.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 8:30 AM Friday, June 27, 2014 at 5:30 PM (PDT), NYC


Registrants to use the code below for a 20% discount off ticket price.

Special promotional code – mipspuzzle_disc14

Check out the Minority Independent Producers Summit for Filmmakers/Film Producers Conference schedule here.

Minority Independent Producers Summit – www.mipsummit.com – Filmmaker/Film Producer Conference

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