HW Pick: NY Congressman Threatens Reporters Life! (Video)

Well, it looks like Wednesday could be a tough PR day for Rep. Michael Grimm R New York defended his actions late Tuesday night after he physically threatened NY1 News reporter reporter Mike Scotto at the Capitol after President Obama’s State of the Union.
The incident happened after Rep. Grimm was asked to respond to allegations about his campaign corruption case. This prompted the Republican lawmaker to cut short the interview, declaring that he will only talk about the topic at-hand.Scotto then turned to camera to report that Grimm had declined to respond to the allegations. At that point, the lawmaker returns on-screen, this time getting close to Scotto’s face.

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Much of their exchange is inaudible, with Scotto clearly asserting that his question was valid.

“You’re not a man,” Grimm can be heard telling the reporter at one point. “I could break you in half.”

NY1′s political director alleged, via Twitter, that Grimm had also threatened to throw Scotto off the balcony. Listen for yourself.

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