HW Question: “What’s Your Fondest Memory Of Your Father?”

For Father’s Day Harlem World Magazine walked along 124th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, asking people “What’s your fondest memory of your father?”

“My name is Kalia (age 18). Having birthdays with my dad and how he makes it (my birthday) feel like it’s my day and the whole world is about me. That is the favorite memory of my dad.”

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“My name is Liz (age 59) and my favorite memory of my father is when we would swim in the pool, he would go underwater and we would ride on his back. It seemed like he could go forever until he needed air, we were so impressed.”

“My name is Julia (age 21), my dad used to play Barbie’s with me and that was very nice of him.”

“My name is Fraedro. I haven’t seen my dad in fifth-teen to twenty years. I love him he’s a good man, he always taught me to do the right thing and that is the type of man I became after my dad left. I still love him and he’s still in my heart and even though he’s not with me and I love him a lot and he taught me to be the man I am now. I’m a good father. I have one daughter(28) and two grandsons.”

“My name is Sky-Carday (age 6). My dad goes through my homework. We go to the store and he buys me chocolate pretzels sometimes, then we eat doing my homework and sometimes my brothers are there.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.

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