HW Team

Our community of contributors is the core of Harlem World. Our team of writers, storytellers, and photographers inspire us to keep discovering Harlem.

dontre conerly1

Dontre Conerly is a arts and culture senior writer.
Ingrid Hadasah is a film and culture writer.
Kass is a fashion writer of the Kass Fashion Report.
Lil Nickelson is senior food writer of Dining With Miss Lil.
Yolande Brener is Arts and culture writer of Yolande’s Yard.
Tod Roulette is an LGBT and the arts writer
Rudy Collins is a photographer.
Claude Jay is a arts and culture writer.
Michael Andre Adams is a travel culture writer of Micheal’s World.
Souleo is a celebrity and arts and culture of Souleo on The A.
Marc Rasbury is senior sports writer of The Razz.
Kyle Fraser arts writer and Managing Editor.
CC Minton Health & Wellness writer and Events ambassador.

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