Jamie Foxx Produces Moving Documentary of Musicians’ Revelry (update)

Jamie Foxx as executive producer presented “Thunder Soul“, a new documentary about a high school band which premiered at the Magic Johnson Theater on Sept. 9th, 2011.

This wasn’t your average high school band despite what you’re thinking. The band was as innovative as any that you might see in high schools today.

The film’s focus is the Kashmere Stage Band of the early 70’s. Omega Psi Psi member and Wiley College graduate, professor Conrad O. Johnson (pictured) was the leader of this elite stage band.After attending an Otis Redding concert in 1967, Conrad took it upon himself to help teach high school students the power of music. Although in his mid-fifties during the 70’s, his will, determination, precision and momentum to teach is what made Kashmere successful. His power in music was strong enough to re-unite the students over 30 years later. They took upon themselves to pay tribute to their beloved teacher through tireless rehearsal and performing. As students they had the opportunity to perform various places besides their home town of Houston, Texas, such as a competition in Alabama (then governed by the notorious George Wallace) which they won, as well as competitions in Europe and Japan. The professor believed in them so much, they recorded albums that were later discovered by the founder of Stones Throw Records.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding from a new principal and administration at Kashmere, Professor Conrad was driven to his retirement in the late 70’s. I give this motivational tale of life, love and education a thumbs up. It premiered at Magic Johnson Theater on Sept. 9th and will be officially released on Sept. 23rd, 2011.

Magic Johnson Theater, 2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd., New York, NY – (888) 262-4386

By Martial

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