Jim Jones Preps For Hurricane Irma In Florida (Video)

Jim Jones is hunkering down at his Miami home even as Hurricane Irma is raining down destructive winds and leaving serious damage in its wake. Capo posted a video of his preparation tactics for the storm, which includes a hearty supply of (high quality food) Cap’n Crunch cereal and other non-perishable goods.

TMZ caught up with the Harlem-born rap star and executive as Irma’s track has placed much of South Florida under a hurricane warning. While many tried to get out of dodge, including Jones, it appears that he was only left with the option of stocking up on food and waiting the worst of the storm out.

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TMZ reports:

We spoke with the rapper who told us mostly what we’ve been hearing about getting out of South Florida before the storm hits … gas is gone, the flights are booked and traffic to get to Orlando is so bad the ride’s taking 12 hours.

Jim says he had no alternative but to stay — even after trying the private jet route — and doesn’t sound like he’s in a panic over the 185 mph winds hurling his way … thanks to his bunker stash of cereal.

In all seriousness, we hope Jim Jones and others in the region will do well in the storm’s aftermath.

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