Join The Danny Tisdale Show with CSMG’s Shana Heath

SketchGuru_20140601132910Join Danny Tisdale and CSMG‘s co-owner Shana Heath as they discuss CSMG’s Capital Solutions that can provide businesses in Harlem with funding up to $3 million dollars.

They offer the easiest and quickest way for businesses to apply and receive a business loan.

CSMG specialize in financing small to mid-sized businesses that are seeking an alternative to bank loans.

Listen to the show Monday, June 2nd, at 12:30 pm EST here.

Any questions or for more information leave your comments below.

Look for updates for more CSMG show dates coming soon.

Contact CSMG at 212.414.5414 for a free consultation using the HW101 code.

Check the links out and get informed:


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