Legendary Photographer Eve Arnold Passes

Legendary photographer Eve Arnold was born on April 12, 1912 passed away peacefully in London at the age of 99 on January 4, 2012. Arnold garnered acclaim over her decades long career documenting celebrities and civil rights leader like Malcolm X in Harlem, in the early 1960s.

Another shoot that took place in Harlem was James Brown sitting on a stool at the Apollo being interviewed, as well as every day people from around the world (Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, and many others).

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She joined the Magnum Agency after the company saw her photos of models here in Harlem, that was shot for a class assignment, Mrs. Arnold followed the action of Harlem fashion shows in the 1950’s, below is a small portfolio of some of the images from the series:

The project of the Harlem fashion shows led directly to her being granted unprecedented access by Malcom X to document the Black Muslims and the way they worked over the next two years.

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