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We have no set marketing agenda. Rather, every transaction is assessed with the company, and a customized road map is created with accountability and deliverables tied to concierge-style service packages in a specific timeline. Our goal, from public relations to targeted media, is to elevate each Harlem World transactions above other competition in Harlem and beyond, and to enhance its allure around the world. If you are looking for a more discreet approach, our teams focus is delivered directly to our base of annual 2.6 million+ influencers and taste makers from Harlem to Harare with their fabulous clicks, faves, retweets and @replies.

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On Harlem World Magazine

Harlem Social

  • One choice Social Media Ad
  • Or a Native Advertising post (How To/Tips and Tricks, etc.,)
  • Alt Impressions (Mon, Wed, Fri, Tue, and Thu)
  • Data

$350 per month (Sign-Up)

Harlem Hustler

  • Horizontal Ad, 300 x 60
  • One Newsletter Text Ad (logo and 8 words)
  • One Podcast or one Native Advertising post (150 words)
  • Landing Page (permanent)
  • Report

$600 per month (Sign-Up)

Harlem Literatii 

  • One Square Side Bar 300 x 300 ad
  • Feature Newsletter Text Ad
  • One Podcast (15 minutes)
  • One Choice Social Media Ad, and 300 x 60
  • One Native Advertising post (250 words)
  • Landing Page (permanent)
  • Monthly Report

$1,700 per month (Sign-Up)

Harlem Renaissance (Recommended)

  • Home Page Slider
  • 95%-97% Impressions
  • Full Feature Newsletter Ad, 300 x 60 (monthly)
  • Two Podcasts (30 minutes)
  • Two Social Media Ads (Sponsorship across network)
  • Al alt Impressions
  • One Premium Square Ad, 300 x 300
  • Two Native Advertising posts (500 words)
  • Landing Page (permanent)
  • Monthly Report

$3,500 per month (Sign-Up)

Our à la carte


hw banner sales chart final2

  • Standard (250 x 60) – $200 – View Here
  • Large Horizontal (Leader board 728 x 60) – $800 – View Here
  • Square Banner (300 x 250) – $400 – View Here
  • Large Vertical (Skyscraper 160 x 600) – $650 – View Here
  • Half Page (300 x 600) – $1,000 – View Here
  • Embedded Video – $1,200 – View Here

E-mail blast  – View Here

  • 5,000+ Greater Harlem subscriber List

Radio/Podcast  – view Here

  • 50,000+ Global listeners (syndication)


sheen-wright Mintons and wedding issues

  • 15,000 copies of the Summer Best Of Harlem 2018 guide.


We Bring Content To Life at our brand events:

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Our Users

Visitors Growth 

  • Harlem 60%
  • United States 20%
  • World Wide 20%


  • Mobile Users 60%
  • 24- 45 years 78%
  • Women 80%
  • College grads 72%
  • Business Owners & Executives 67%
  • Annual income $60,000 – $110,000+

Social Engagement Patterns

  • Facebook 80%
  • Twitter 82%
  • Instagram 94%
  • LinkedIn 88%
  • Pinterest 92%

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Our Partners

 Our Services

We deliver marketing services based on deep industry knowledge in Harlem.

  • Web Development: a site that fits mobile phone, tablet, desktop. etc.,.
  • Design: from digital to print services.
  • Print: print production and ad services.
  • Video: web video production

Harlem World brings a local voice to your business.

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Harlem World is a premier Marketing & Sponsorship collection of exclusive opportunities represented by Harlem World. Through Harlem World’s daily market intelligence, knowledge and collaborations with Harlem’s resources, we leverage every data set down to the most granular point, enabling us to give our clients access to a wide range of services. Purchasing a Marketing & Sponsorship package in Harlem is a unique experience that requires a level of service commensurate with the financial investment, and Harlem World offers a concierge-style service that is a rarity in Harlem marketing. To schedule a Harlem World Private consultation please use the contact information below.

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Last updated August 2017