“…My (site) spiked at five times my usual daily numbers. (I) had a note today from someone in Paris!” – A’Lelia Bundles, author and journalist 

Harlem World Magazine invites all who share a passion for a better Harlem to come engage with our growing, forward-thinking community dedicated to Harlem. We are the number one source for in-depth stories about how to live your best life in Harlem.

Do you want deeper local impact with customized campaigns by locals? Harlem World Magazine, Inc., designs market research, creative strategy, storytelling, and events to tell your customized story for our readers.

8,000+ daily subscribers
100,000+ weekly readers
80% of readers are women
60% of readers are ages 24-45
$70,000 average household income
74% of readers have a graduate degree
Connected: 95% of readers live or work in the urban core
Active: 85% visit local events and businesses monthly
60% in Harlem, 20% in the USA, 20% Worldwide

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Since 2003, we have spent years collecting and curating comprehensive data from our readers. We know what our audience wants, and we have turned it into a successful business model. We use technology that connects seamlessly with our rich database of businesses, marketing and tech partners, and other publishers to reach the widest possible audience.

Our Philosophy

We love local advertising. Unlike others, we don’t view advertising as a necessary evil that pays for other stuff – we love it. Why? People want to hear from local business. Our goal is to create advertising so great that our audience would be angry if it went away.

What We’re Not

  • We’re not a lead generation tool. If you don’t care about brand marketing and just need leads (which honestly should be the majority of your budget), we recommend buying search engine marketing. It works.
  • We’re not cheap. In terms of sponsorships, we’re relatively expensive and require a minimum commitment of 6 months. This allows us to work deeper with local brand marketers. If you want cheap, go buy Facebook ads (low CPM) or Google Display Network ads. Both are great tools for cheap impressions.
  • We’re not a high volume operation. We always want to have fewer than 10 brand partners – this allows us to go deeper and customize more with fewer brands.

We are excited to work with partners, sponsors and supporters to participate in messaging across our platforms.

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