Qoute of The Day: Mase, “I Could’ve Saved MJ.”

maseHW posted an article last week stating that Harlem man rapper and preacher Mase intends to keep preaching in his church about his plan to spread the word of God to the hip-hop community, and today it’s reported that it all was sparked by Michael Jackson’s death.
Sources close to Mase say he doesn’t see any issue doing both jobs as a rapper and preacher … because he’s using his street cred to infiltrate hip-hop and ultimately plans to bring rappers closer to Christ.

Like a “Mission: Impossible” agent … for Jesus.

Churchgoers say Mase has said his renewed spiritual calling was motivated by Michael Jackson’s death — and he feels he could have saved MJ if he’d been around to council him.

We don’t know if anyone in church is buying this, but it’s what Mase is preaching (source).

Yeah, and if Damon Dash was 7 foot tall he could play center for the NYKnicks, but he’s not.

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