Reseeding: Gardening Tips for March In Harlem

Planting Day 1GrowNYC is always doing great stiff inandout of Harlem. In this article we picked the Gardening Tips for March from their Garden Dispatches Winter 2014 newsletter, it’s all about reseeding.

Reseed those rows that have not germinated in your seedling flats. Fertilize those flats that have germinated and place them in a moist, warm sunny location. The environment you are trying to create is that of a New York City spring. Some warm/hot summer crop vegetables and plants that should get a head start now include: tomatoes, parsley, eggplants, gourds, garlic, asters, phlox, caraway.

In choosing your seed, check for varieties of the plant that are suited to our regional climate, tolerant of pollutants and resistant to diseases. You want to avoid verticillium, fusarium and nematodes for example. With popular vegetables it is a good idea to grow more than one variety that are not susceptible to the same diseases.  

When the ground can be worked prepare pits for any woody plant material that you want to plant. This is usually best done when the plants are dormant (not growing leaves or flowers). Examples of woody plant material include trees, shrubs, evergreens and roses. You should have a plan of the site and a good idea of what you want to do with the perimeter or border.  

If you have just acquired your site, schedule your clean up as soon as possible. Line up all the sources and costs of the soil conditioning ingredients you will need, as well as the neighborhood support, energy and organization that will help your garden area work. Try planning a sharing or “pick-me” garden for neighbors and those who may want to join later on in the season (source). 

Check out their month by month garden calendar here.

Are you doing any reseeding?

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