Seitu’s World: Martin Luther King III, Addresses His Fathers dream In Harlem

seitus world1By Seitu Oronde

Martin Luther King III with supporters at the Riverside Church celebrating his fathers 85th birthday 46 years after his death in April 1968.

 seitus world2
Martin Luther King III, the senior of the King children is very active and outspoken on the life of his father, Martin Luther King, Jr., Riverside Church was standing room only  with great speeches from various ministers that  involved with King.
seitus world3In an interview with MLK-III, when asked, what message will his father deliver in 2014?

King III responded,” bring ball people together and use social media such as Instagram, twitter and facebook and many more upcoming solution to educate, organize and bring people together because we have  allot of work to do”

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seitus world4Watching film clips of the Rev. Martin Luther Kings speech from the 1960’s was like his speech and comments where written today very applicable to 21 century times of issues and concerns.

seitus world5The service ended by singing we shall overcome while everyone held hands.



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