Shaving Kit For Black Men (video)

bevelThe standard model for mass market shaving products is that the greater the number of blades, the better. But for people with coarse and curly hair, this can often lead to razor bumps and discomfort. Bevel is a new five-piece shaving kit that is specifically designed with black men in mind.

According to Walker and Company, the brand behind the product, multi-blade razors cut facial hair below the skin level, and for people with curly hair this means a higher likelihood of ingrown hairs. The Bevel system ditches multiple blades in favor of single, straight safety razors that cut above the skin and reduce any tugging and pulling. In addition, Bevel also offers a protective priming oil, a brush for lifting hairs, a hydrating shaving cream and a restoring balm.

The video below offers more information about how to use the kit effectively:

The entire Bevel kit retails for USD $60.

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