Shop Harlem: Christian Dior Mademoiselle Les Marquises Limited Edition

dior glassesWe love Christian Dior was founded in 1947, in the time 1947 to 1957, Christian Dior succeeded in creating a fashion house whose name is famous worldwide – like Harlem. He was a pioneer, a brand for women and men offering class and style, with outstanding quality and admired by everybody, the new styles with the logo of Dior on models with shapes of hearts, stars, rhinestones etc, sunglasses and eyewear frames for men and women, the style 100% Harlem at its most classic – a kinda Adam Clayton Powell meets East Harlem’s Maria Callas vibe.

Condition: Excellent

If you care, help Harlem World Cares, celebrate, educate and inspire the next generation of Harlem Youth. Thank you.

Price: $325

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