Speed Can Kill On Harlem’s Morningside Avenue (video)

The video documents the inherent danger of pedestrian safety on Morningside Avenue in West Harlem.The video was created by film producer Maurice Sessoms, as a disagreement between Community Boards 9 and 10, the city’s Department of Transportation and residents rages on about how to best make improvements.

The street, which stretches from 113th to 126th streets along Morningside Park, has long been a dangerous roadway say residents.

DOT officials say that 236 citations for speeding were issued along the stretch 116th to 126th streets from January to October of 2013. From 2007 to 2011 there were 102 injuries of vehicle occupants, pedestrians and cyclists on the street with 9 serious injuries but no fatalities.

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In the meantime, area residents like Sessoms hope that no one is seriously injured in the interim.

“Everyone I talked to on the street wanted something done. They all thought it was a no-brainer,” said Sessoms. “When it comes to safety, a solution shouldn’t take this long.”

We hope this life threatening situation is solved before it becomes even more dangerous.

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Speed limit

Speed limit (Photo credits: www.roadtrafficsigns.com)

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