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Content submission is free for all charitable nonprofits and governmental entities. Submission pricing for all other organizations and individuals is outlined below. Certain content may be included in our Marketing packages for advertisers. To learn more about Marketing & Sponsorship with us, click here. Curated content is published at the editor’s discretion.


Press Release / Announcement

  • Press Releases and Announcements are $100 per premium post.


Calendar Listings

  • Calendar Listings are $50 per event per occurrence.


Event Posts

  • Events are $150 per premium post per event per occurrence (and more below).


Business Directory Partner

  • Business Directory Partners are $250 per post per premium section and expire in 90 days. (all categories).



  • Harlem World Columnists only



  • For Funeral Homes only. If you are a funeral home and would like permission to be able to post obituaries, please email





  • Our goal is to provide the best profitable experience for our clients, helping them solve bad marketing problems by working with the best influencers and decisions makers in Harlem, from brand and development, to social media marketing, to premium print publishing and event design (websites, banners, print, etc.,), contact us at email


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