Op-Ed: Why I Fight For Protecting Immigrant Students And The Future Of The Nation

By Harlem Rep. Adriano Espaillat

We recently recognized the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which ruled that separate meant unequal, ruling against segregation for the first time since reconstruction. Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: Black Veterans Question Military Bases Named After Confederate Soldiers

By Charles Blatcher, III

Statues, monuments, government buildings and military installations are supposedly named in honor of outstanding individuals deserving of the recognition. Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: Building Strong Schools Through Community Engagement

By NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña

With over 50 years of experience as an educator, I know that it truly takes a village to deliver for students. In each school community, that village is made up of teachers, administrators, support staff, outside partners and of course, families. Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: Making A Difference Through The Arts

arts-final1By NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña

The arts can have an incredible impact on our kids’ lives, which is why when I became Chancellor, one of my goals was to ensure that every child in our City, regardless of their zip code or home language, has the opportunity to learn about and pursue the arts in a meaningful way. Continue Reading →

OP-Ed: Get Your Flu Shot…Not the Flu From Harlem To Hollis

mary-bassettBy Dr. Mary T. Bassett

A few days ago, I overheard a woman in Brooklyn saying proudly that she and her two children have never gotten the flu shot, and have never gotten sick. Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: College Application Week, A Shot At Success

yolanda-toez1By Executive Superintendent of the Division of Family and Community Engagement Yolanda Torres 

This week, high schools across New York City and State are participating in College Application Week from October 17-21, a statewide initiative around college planning and application activities in an effort to increase the number of low-income and first generation students applying to college.

For the first time since it began four years ago, a record 365 high schools across every borough are participating in College Application Week, reaching more than 53,000 students. Schools are providing a series of events ranging from workshops and panels on the path to college for 9thgraders, to college and financial aid application sessions for 12th graders.

…whether or not our young people go to college shouldn’t be decided by what neighborhood they live in or what language they or their parents speak.

As the daughter of Puerto Rican born parents who moved to the Bronx knowing very little English and the first person in my family to go to college, I know how difficult the college process  can be – especially filling out college applications and financial aid forms. But I also know that whether or not our young people go to college shouldn’t be decided by what neighborhood they live in or what language they or their parents speak.

yolanda-torres-addresses-bx-familiesOur goal is to reach and inform every parent, grandparent and guardian about the college process, remind all our students that they can pursue college, and give them and their families the support they need to do that.

Parents and grandparents today want the same thing my parents once wanted for my siblings and me – a shot at success.

At the numerous town halls and family events I’ve visited across the city, I’ve seen families eager to get information about the college process in all grade levels. Parents and grandparents today want the same thing my parents once wanted for my siblings and me – a shot at success.

That’s why here at the DOE – teachers, school staff, and administrators are all committed to Equity and Excellence for All, a range of initiatives that we are implementing through a variety of programs like College Access for All, which works to improve the college process for all students and families and put more students on the path to college.

By making the path to college accessible for everyone, we are going to make a real difference for students and families.

We are removing barriers and giving our students and families the support they need to go on to college and careers – from making the SAT available for free during the school day, to eliminating the CUNY application fee, to increasing the number of AP courses, to bringing a record number of schools into College Application Week this year. College Access for All will also ensure that, by the 2018-19 school year, every student will have the resources and support at their high school to graduate with an individual college and career plan.

Our schools will continue to share information about College Access for All as we move forward, and I am excited to work with parents as partners as we make these initiatives a reality. Additional information on College Application Week and college planning tools and resources for students, families, and educators are available at: http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/OPSR/collegeapplicationweek

Op-Ed: Getting More Men Of Color To Teach Our Children Will Lift Our Communities

Schools Chancellor Carmen FariñaBy Carmen Fariña, NYC Schools Chancellor

Creating inclusive schools is not only about classrooms having students with a wide range of backgrounds and academic strengths—our teachers should also reflect the City’s diverse workforce and represent different ethnic backgrounds, languages, and cultures. Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: On NYPD’s Announced Jaywalking Crackdown


By TransAlt, Executive Director Paul Steely White

On Thursday, November 5, 84-year-old Agalia Gounaris was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver on Main Street in Flushing, Queens. Just a few days later the local NYPD precinct and elected officials responded with swift action.

Continue Reading →

Op-ed: College Access for All (from Harlem To Hollis)!

Schools Chancellor Carmen FariñaBy NYC Schools Chancellor Fariña

Earlier this week, I announced that starting next school year, all New York City high schools will offer the SAT exam free to 11th-graders. Students will take the SAT during the school day in the spring. Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: The Bilingual Advantage

Schools Chancellor Carmen FariñaBy Carmen Fariña NYC Schools Chancellor

I grew up speaking Spanish with my parents, who fled their native Spain during its Civil War and settled in Brooklyn. I didn’t know any English when I started kindergarten and the teacher marked me absent for six weeks because I didn’t understand her mangled pronunciation of my last name. Continue Reading →