There Are 3 New Starbucks Valentine’s Day Drinks Out Today

starbucks new drinks for valenines dayForget your S.O., Starbucks is officially bae this Valentine’s Day in Harlem. (That rhyme was unintentional, but we’re rolling with it.)  Continue Reading →

LGBT Youth Shelter To Take Over Harlem Manning Church

manning church in harlem via googleHarlem’s ATLAH World Missionary Church, whose billboard has been home to countless homophobic and xenophobic messages, may be heading to the auction block after incurring debts and tax liens of more than $1.02 million. Continue Reading →

Starbucks Will Soon Sell Booze In Harlem Stores

2f5baea6cb38417b9ca52e333765b9ffIn addition to the 80,000 beverage combinations you can order from Starbucks, you’ll soon be able to order booze. Continue Reading →

Thandie Newton Calls Out Starbucks Over Safari Statue

thandie newton in harlemRefinery29 reports that Starbucks (that has a number of stores located in Harlem) has found itself embroiled in yet another brouhaha. This time, though, it’s got nothing to do with red cups or polar bears. Continue Reading →

Starbucks Rolls Out ‘Starbucks For Life’ Contest

starbucks-for-life-600Can’t get enough caffeine in Harlem? Starbucks would like to help you out. The brand has rolled out its second annual “Starbucks for Life” contest, which technically awards winners one free Starbucks beverage or food product a day for the next 30 years. Continue Reading →

Here’s How To Win Starbucks For LIFE In Harlem

starbucks-east-harlem1When we do the math, it becomes clear that our coffee habits are really expensive. Sure, caffeine keeps us alive, but it also does serious damage to our wallets. Continue Reading →

HW Pick: Starbucks Is Opening Cafés In Low-Income Areas

starbucks puts money where its mouth isA new study is showing what anyone who has lived in a gentrifying neighborhood already knows: If there’s money, there’s a Starbucks. Continue Reading →

Starbucks Buy 1 Get 1 Free Holiday Drinks Nov 12-15, ’15

Starbucks-Red-CupsYou can get one of your favorite Starbucks holiday beverages with this weekend promotion from Harlem to Hollywood. We love this promotion that is back this year! Continue Reading →

Starbucks’ Red Cups Stir Up Controversy In Harlem

Starbucks-Red-CupsWith a number of Starbucks in Harlem, apparently, ’tis the season for Starbucks purists to venti their heated opinions over the annual holiday #RedCup design. Continue Reading →

Harlem United Strikes Unified Pose Outside Atlah Church

harlem unitedA New York-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy group hoped to send a powerful message when they posed outside of a notoriously anti-gay church in the city’s Harlem neighborhood. Continue Reading →