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Our community of contributors is the core of Harlem World Magazine. Our team of adventurous explorers, writers, storytellers, photographers and illustrators inspire us to keep discovering new places for our readers.

Walter Rutledge, Harlem: is a choreographer, a health and wellness coach based in Harlem and the Bronx. He has been featured on many print and online publications in and out of New York City. He is senior writer of Walter’s World.

Lil Nickelson, Harlem: She is a chef, and connoisseur of all things food. She has owned her own food spot, and has worked in the food industry much of her life. She writes about food in Dining With Miss Lil.

Yolande Brener, Harlem: She loves all things yoga, health and arts related. She worked as an actress, filmmaker, singer in an all-girl band and disciple of an alleged Messiah. She writes about the Arts in Yolande’s Yard.

Todd Roulette, Harlem: Tod is a art dealer, consultant and director of a non-profit in Harlem. He is on the board of a church in Harlem. He writes about all things arts and culture in and out of Harlem.

Rudy Collins, Harlem: Rudy is a photographer and longtime resident artists who has exhibited in and out of the Harlem. He continues to work in Harlem with shows in museums and working closely with arts organizations.

Claude Jay, Harlem: Called the “Ambassador of Music”. He is a actor, singer and recording artist, business owner of HarlemMyLove.com. Writes about  loves all things entertainment.

Michael Andre Adams, Atlanta: He writes about cars and travel from all around the world on his site TravelingInMyWorld.com. In addition, he has a large appetite for food, and balances it of as a wellness and fitness coach.

Souleo, Harlem: He covers celebrity in arts and culture in NYC. He has written for Newsweek/Current, HuffingtonPost.com, EBONY, JET, Black Enterprise, New York Press, XXL, Sister 2 Sister, Rolling Out magazine. Souleo writes On the ‘A’ w/Souleo.

Marc Rasbury, Harlem:  Marc is a senior sports writer for the Examiner, The Amsterdam News and many publication throught NYC. He is president of Rasbury Media Services. As senior writer he writes the Razz Report.

The Harlem Writers Guild: HWG was founded in 1950 by Rosa Guy, John Oliver Killens, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Willard Moore and Walter Christmas. HWG is the oldest organization of African-American writers in the United States, and probably in the world.

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