Fabulous Harlem, New York is home to a wonderfully diverse variety of world-class restaurants, from AAA-rated fine dining establishments to deliciously casual seafood shacks. Boasting countless awards and honors, the Chefs of Harlem are among some of the most talented culinary artists in the world.

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Absolute Thai, Harlem, New York, 929.226.1885

ABV, Harlem, New York, 212.722.8959

Abyssinia, Harlem, New York, 212.281.2673

Amali, Harlem, New York, 212.339.8363 (Downtown)

Anchor Wine Bar, Harlem, New York, 212).234.3084

Astor Row Café, Harlem, New York, 212.491.2566

Barawine, Harlem, New York, 646.756.4154

Bier International, Harlem, New York, 212.280.0944

Billie’s Black, Harlem, New York, 212.280.2248

Blujeen Restaurant, Harlem, New York, 212.256.1073

BLVD Bistro, Harlem, New York, 212.678.6200

Café du Soleil, Harlem, New York, 212.316.5000

Café Ollin, Harlem, New York, 212.828.4252

Il Caffe Latte, Harlem, New York,  212.222.2241

Cantina, Harlem, New York, 646.755.8864

Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken, Harlem, New York, 212.281.1800

Chéri, Harlem, New York, 212.662.4374

Chez Lucienne, Harlem, New York, 212.289.5555

Corner Social, Harlem, New York, 212.510.8552

Covo Trattoria, Harlem, New York, 212.234.9573

Cuchifritos, Harlem, New York, 212.876.4846

Damore Winebar & Caffe, Harlem, New York, 646.678.3681

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Harlem, New York, 212.694.1777

Doug E’s, Harlem, New York, 212.368.4371

Earl’s Beer & Cheese, Harlem, New York, 212.289.1581

El Kallejon, Harlem, New York, 646.649.4795

Elsie’s Caribbean Cafe, Harlem, New York, 917.982.4662

Fishers of Men II, Harlem, New York, 212.678.4268

5 & Diamond, Harlem, New York,  917.860.4444

Geisha Sushi, Harlem, New York, 212.862.7800

Gong Modern Thai Dining, Harlem, New York, 212.360.5874

Ginny’s Supper Club, Harlem, New York, 212.421.3821

Harlem Pizza Co., Harlem, New York, 212.222.9889

Harlem Public, Harlem, New York, 212.939.9404

Harlem Shake, Harlem, New York, 212.222.8300

Home Sweet Harlem, Harlem, New York, 212.926.9616

Harlem Tavern,  Harlem, New York,  212.866.4500

Hyacinth’s Haven, Harlem, New York,  646.755.8161

Jacob Restaurant, Harlem, New York, 212.866.3663

Jolie Patisserie, Harlem, New York, 212.234.7600

Joy Burger Bar, Harlem, New York,  212.289.6222

Jin Ramen, Harlem, New York, 646.559.2862

La Bodega 47, Harlem, New York, 212.280.4700

Lady Lexis Sweets, Harlem, New York, 212.534.0330

L Encanto D Lola, Harlem, New York, 212.222.6969

Lexington Pizza Parlour, Harlem, New York,  212.722.7850

Lido, Harlem, New York, 646.490.8575

LoLo’s Seafood Shack, Harlem, New York, 646.649.3356

Londel’s Restaurant, Harlem, New York, 212.234.6114

Lulu’s Taqueria, Harlem, New York, 646.850.9909

Lupita’s Restaurant, Harlem, New York, 646.590.4202

Maison Harlem, Harlem, New York, 212.222.9224

Manhattanville Coffee, Harlem, New York, 646.781.9900

Madiba Harlem, Harlem, New York, 646.738.3043

Milk Burger, Harlem, New York, 212.360.1988

Minton’s, Harlem, New York, 212.243.2222

Melba’s, Harlem, New York, 212.864.7777

Neapolitan Express, Harlem, New York, 212.289.4689

Nocciola Ristorante, Harlem, New York, 646.559.5304

Pa-paya Seed, Harlem, New York, 347.625.6306

Patsy’s Pizzeria, Harlem, New York, 212.534-9783

Pisticci, Harlem, New York, 212.932.3500

Ponty Bistro, Harlem, New York, 212.234.6474

Rao’s, Harlem, New York, 212.722.6709

Red Rooster Harlem, Harlem, New York, 212.792.9001

Ricardo Steak House, Harlem, New York, 212­.289.5895

Savann, Harlem, New York,  212.222.7990

Seasoned Vegan, Harlem, New York, 212.222.0092

Settepani, Harlem, New York,  917.492.4806

67 Orange Street, Harlem, New York, 212.662.2030

SpaHa Soul, Harlem, New York, 347.463.7387

Sylvia’s Restaurant, Harlem, New York, 212.996.0660

Taco Mix, Harlem, New York, 212.289.2963

The Cecil, Harlem, New York, 212.866.1262

The Grange, Harlem, New York, 212.491.1635

The Handpulled Noodle, 3600 Broadway (cross street 148th)

Tio Luca, Harlem, New York, 212.939.9305

Tio Luca Bistro Latino, Harlem, New York, 212.939.9305

Trufa, Harlem, New York, 212.281.6165

Vinateria, Harlem, New York, 212.662.8462

Yatenga French Bistro & Bar, Harlem, New York,  212.690.0699

Yuzu, Harlem, New York, 646.861.3883

Zoma, Harlem, New York, 212.662.0620