World Class Shopping In The Worlds Greatest Community Harlem


Artist & Craftsman Supply, NYC, 212.666.2242

atmos, Harlem, New York, 212.666.2242

Banana Republic, Harlem, New York, 212.222.8197

Casa Frela Gallery, Harlem, New York, 212.722.8577

Duane Reade, Harlem, New York, 212.663.4391

Footlocker House of Hoops, Harlem, NY, 212.316.1667

GameStop, Harlem, New York, 212.427.3894

Goodwill, Harlem, New York, 212.410.0973

Grandma’s Place, Harlem, New York, 212.360.6776

Harlem Flo, Harlem, New York, 212.316.3031

Harlem Haberdashery, Harlem, NY, 646.707.0070

Harlem Heavens, Harlem, New York, 212.491.7706

Harlem World Gear, Harlem, New York, 646.216.8698

Hat’s By Bun, Harlem, New York, 212.694.3590

H&M, Harlem, New York, 855.466.7467

JB b.o.r.n. Vintage, Harlem, New York, 212.722.3706

Jimmy Jazz, Harlem, New York, 212.665.4198

Juniors Bicycle Shop, Harlem, New York, 212.690.6511

Lane Bryant, Harlem, New York,  212.548.6168

Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market, NYC, 212.987.8131

Modell’s, Harlem, New York, 212.280.9100

Old Navy, Harlem, New York, 212.531.1544

Payless, Harlem, New York, 212.662.3582

Staples, Harlem, New York, 212.864.5747

Studio Museum in Harlem, Harlem, NY, 212-864.4500

Target, Harlem, New York, 212.835.0860

The Demolition Depot, Harlem, NY, 212.860.1138

Vault Harlem, Harlem, New York, 212.281.1723

V.I.M., Harlem, New York, 212.369.5033

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