Absolut Reintroduces Itself From Harlem To Hollis (Undated)

Adweek reports that if you’ve walked across New York’s High Line during the past month you might have noticed a billboard from Absolut that read: “Look out: Slow walkers ahead.” Continue Reading →

Levine, Park Advocates Call To Save Critical Parks Jobs

Levine Park Advocates Call for City to Save Critical Parks Jobs and ReturnThis morning, Harlem City Council Member Mark Levine led the first hearing for the Parks and Recreation Committee on the Fiscal 2017 Preliminary Budget for the Department of Parks and Recreation. Continue Reading →

Is Harlem Becoming The New Gallery District In NYC?

east-harlem sliderCall it the art-world circle of life: Gallery neighborhoods become too crowded and expensive for galleries to remain, forcing them to move to less expensive, more off-the-beaten-path parts of town—which then become too crowded and expensive for galleries to remain. And so it goes. Continue Reading →