Subway Announces Plan To Ensure Footlong Sandwich Is 12 Inches Long

subway sandwiches in harlem1With three Subway stores in Harlem, Subway customers can finally rest assured that their “Footlong” sandwiches will be as long as promised. Continue Reading →

NYState Supreme Court Upholds Health Depts Rule

Is-sodium-reduction-falling-down-the-food-policy-agendaToday, the New York State Supreme Court upheld the sodium warning rule, clearing the way for the City to enforce a rule that requires chain restaurants to post salt icons next to items with 2,300 milligrams or more of sodium – the total recommended daily limit. Continue Reading →

Subway Agrees To Measure Sandwiches

subway sandwiches in harlem1Sandwich chain Subway with a location in Harlem has agreed to start measuring its 6-inch and footlong sandwiches as part of a settlement agreement in a class-action lawsuit. Continue Reading →