A Kass Fashion Review: Harlem’s House Of D’Marsh Men’s Couture Fall/Winter 2012

By Kass

D”Marsh Couture returns with a new fashion collection for winter 2012: Reverie! D’Marsh is best known for fashionable and trendy custom-made women’s wear.

Reverie continues the D’Marsh legacy of quality-driven apparel, but this time for men, the man who dares to be noticed! D’Marsh Couture represents the stylish gent while embracing the eclectic taste of Harlem style today. The winter 2012 resort collection features clean lines and vibrant hues reminiscent of the designer’s home country of Jamaica.

Earlier this spring, Reverie debut the Resort Collection here in NYC. The show highlighted the essence of the collection: Bold, Eclectic and Presumptuous. Glenroy D’Marsh manufactures all of his apparel right here in Harlem, versus abroad to cut corners. Domestic manufacturing allows him to maintain creative control and enforce superior manufacturing standards over the garments. As domestic manufacturing (specifically for Menswear) is trending, it is awesome D’Marsh is ahead of the curve.

Designer Marsh began retailing his T-shirt collection in Harlem several years ago and received an overwhelmingly positive response. The brand fit right in with the variety of fashionable retail offerings from 165th to 110th Streets,river to river. As his focus is exclusivity, he only mass produces his T-shirt collections and all of the remaining collections are custom-made.

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On a side note: inspired by his target consumer, he tailored this seasons’ collection offering and price point to meet the needs of his clientele and the ever – looming recession.

D”Marsh interview

Kass: Good morning Mr. Marsh, how are you?

Glenroy Marsh: Good morning, I am well.

Kass: I would like to discuss your debut menswear collection Reverie. You are best known for your womenswear collections to date. I’ve had the chance to review your collection and found it to be a very exciting take on the future of menswear. How would you describe the collection?

GM: Reverie is a bold and free-spirited collection! As you mentioned it is for the man that isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd. The collection is easily transferable from day to evening. The collection features pieces that effortlessly update an existing wardrobe. For example, the D’Marsh T-shirt pairs well with a sports coat, a pair of torn perhaps, frayed jeans and a comfortable & fashionable shoe!

Kass: It sounds like D’Marsh may be the “pop” we’ve been missing in Menswear for sometime now?

GM: Exactly!

Kass: I appreciate you taking the time out to speak to me in about your collection! Looking forward to seeing you during fashion week 2011! Thank you!

GM: Thank you, Kass.


Calvin Klein Fashion Show

Calvin Klein Fashion Show (Photo credits: Giphy)

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