Downes Boulevard Hotel At Broadway And 103 Street, Harlem, New York 1890s

A atmospheric photograph looking down in front of the Downes Boulevard Hotel built some time after the Civil War was located at Bloomingdale Road later the Boulevard, finally becoming Broadway and West 103rd Street in the then called Bloomingdale neighborhood in West Harlem 1890’s.

Note the picket fence in the background. On the other side of the fence there is a lane, something that dotted the landscape of the Upper West Side once upon a time. The lane ran from the Bloomingdale Road to west 105th street between what is now Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. Further in the background with a view thru the trees stand the 20th century – apartment buildings.

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Typically, in an hotel, the owner served a single meal at an appointed time, and the eating was communal. Saloons had been around for a long time, but their food was merely an accompaniment to drinking

Photograph and text adapt via source

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