Harlem AIDS Blanket, Blankets Harlem With The the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS in Harlem

On Saturday, October 2nd, Danny Tisdale and Harlem World interns and staff led the Harlem AIDS Blanket workshop in Hotel Theresa Towers with members from the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS an arm of the Abyssinian Baptist Church. The Harlem Aids Blanket is a community-based-mixed-media art project aimed at increasing HIV awareness, and providing a community space for self expression on the topic of AIDS.

The Harlem AIDS Blanket creates artistic awareness regarding the emergency issues of AIDs locally in Harlem and nationally:

The average Harlem Resident is six times more likely to receive a new HIV diagnosis than your average American.

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Women are being affected with AIDS ten times more than the rate of men.

The combined neighborhoods of Morningside Heights and Central Harlem have the highest HIV rates of 42 neighborhoods surveyed throughout the city’s five boroughs.

The event is a partnership with the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) at Teachers College for Columbia, and Tisdale Studio. The project showcases diverse voices, experiences and feelings on the issue of Aids in Harlem.

The workshop was attended by the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS where they created art patches that will be added to the existing 500 patches created by students at Wadleigh High School, Project Stay, and the Harlem Children’s Zone others.

All the works will be included to make up the Harlem AIDS Blanket, which will be assembled and exhibited this December 1st for AIDs Awareness Month and next Spring 2011 at Columbia University.

Donate, contribute material and/or volunteer at Harlem AIDS Blanket.

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