Runs In The Family: The Keeling’s Setting Records The Harlem Way

Vogue Magazine reports that Ida Keeling, 96, has a secret because, really, you don’t set the world track-and-speed record for the 60-meter dash without something good going for you, especially if you are, like Ida… … competing in the 95-to-99 age bracket. Her daughter, Shelley Keeling, 60, is her mom’s coach, though the coaching started out the other way, when the mom encouraged the then-toddling daughter, the youngster who began running as soon as she could walk. “Oh, she was running from the days of the projects,” Ida says. She is speaking of Harlem in the 1950s and 1960s. “She was a big-time runner in the street back then. She could beat anybody.”

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