Sponsored Love: New Talent KJ Drops CD This Week (video)

KJ_RoofThe R&B prodigy known as ‘KJ’ has high expectations for himself and the music that he creates. The 16 year-old entertainer plans to do what many new artists never, or rarely do in their careers, he plans to sell over 3+ million copies of his first official single within the first three months of its release! Discovered while performing at a local music competition, which led to an introduction to multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated music producer/songwriter/musician Erik ‘Blu2th’ Griggs. KJ with his Chris Born vibe, is a gifted vocalist and songwriter who has been singing for over two-thirds of his life. The adolescent crooner possesses natural vocal ability, genuine charm, and unyielding passion for artistic expression. His performances have proven to be hypnotic and infectious. He constantly and consistently increases his fan base with the unique tone that resonates from his vocal instrument. Once you hear one song from KJ, you’ll be able to identify his special voice on any song from that point on. His music is current day, vocally driven, vibrant, R&B infused with the emotions, quality, and purity of R&B of the past. This makes KJ key to the future of music.

Born Khalil Johnson, KJ is a young man with career focus, creative discipline, and compassionate soul. Hailing from a musical family both inside and outside of the church in Concord, North Carolina, he developed his own musical styling and accentuated it with the influences of the legendary Michael Jackson, Pop/R&B diva Beyoncé and R&B/Hip-Hop trendsetter Chris Brown. With musical development that includes school and church performances, music competitions and mentoring from Erik ‘Blu2th’ Griggs and his manager Amilcar ‘PRO’ Welton, the melodic teen is as comfortable singing isolated in the studio as he is on stage in front of thousands of supporters.  

When he’s not pursuing his chosen career, KJ enjoys achieving high marks in school, dancing, playing basketball, his family and supporting charities close to his heart like The Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC and Music and Memory. After meeting him, many people become amazed at the remarkable intensity and humility of this young man. His musical ability pales in comparison to his drive, discipline and determination. In addition, KJ wants the young portion of his audience demographic to see a positive example of an artist simply being himself and growing. Then provide the mature portion of his audience demographic a refreshing quality option for themselves and their children. And though it is obvious that he will impact music for decades to come, it’s his faith in God, family and community that will keep him grounded.

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Check out the video teaser:

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Beyonce Awesome Reaction

Beyonce Awesome Reaction (Photo credits: Giphy)

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